"As a real estate broker with Houlihan Lawrence, Cynthia Princi is my go-to stager when I list a client's house for sale. She can showcase a home in its best light. I've worked with her on high priced homes and jewel box homes, but in all cases, the way Cynthia highlights a home's best features definitely adds to the equation for getting the home sold. I like the home to look unique, and the furniture must be to scale and in keeping with the home's age. Cynthia is a master at providing this look for me and the homes I represent." -Holly Hurd, Houlihan Lawerence

"Wonderfully creative in maximizing the appeal of unusual spaces; Very talented and professional. Creates lovely and unique rooms" -Leigh Finley, Houlihan Lawerence

”a real professional in her trade” , “unbelievable talent” , “fabulous with tasks at hand” , “can turn an ugly duckling into a swan” -Chichi Mayhew, Houlihan Lawrence

"Cynthia is not only a talented designer, she has a keen intuition about the real estate market and what the buyers are attracted to.  She is professional, concise and expediant.  Whenever staging is an option, I recommend her to my clients." -Cathy Lawton, Houlihan Lawrence

"Dear Cynthia, We closed on the house late last Friday. We would not have sold this house so quickly without your astonishing staging! A huge thank you for your vision, your taste, and your professionalism! With thanks, again, Brooks Betts" - homeowner, Valley Road, Wilson Point, Norwalk, CT